Ira Freeman Razor Strops in shipping case. Manufactured in Sandy Hill, New York, Green Oak, Michigan and Brookville and Salina, Kansas Original photo taken by Stockenberg, Salina, Kansas

The original research for these families was from my mother, Kathleen (Freeman) VanLerberg. She started working on her family history in the 1960s and continued until her death in 1993. I continued the research from there.

The site at the present time is a work in progress. Currently I've included my mother's ancestors.(My father's ancestor's are featured in Our VanLerberg Family) Also, the Freeman line is included. This line is the descendants of John Freeman (c 1600- c 1648) and resident of Sudbury, Massachusetts.

The Watt and Gilkinson families who immigrated from Ireland have been added. It is known that there were six Watt children, so I've shown Mr. (---) Watt as their father. Joseph Watt and Henry Watt were the immigrants. William Burris Gilkinson son of William is supposed to have been Scotch-Irish. He immigrated in 1811. As William's brother is known I've shown them as children of Mr. (---) Gilkinson

In addition, you'll now find the Reaume family, descendants of Jean Réaume. His son, René immigrated from France to Canada sometime before 1665. Another Canadian family included are the descendants of Mathurin Brunet. His son, Antoine Brunet dit Belhumeur was the immigrant to Canada sometime before his marriage in Oct 1663. Antoine's daughter, Elisabeth married Robert Réaume.

As they are so intertwined by marriage I've added the Henry and McCumber families at the same time. I've shown Mr. (---) Henry as the eldest of the Henry's because I know of two son's, John and James. Very little is know about John, other than he left a will (which I haven't found), naming his brothers and sisters. James and his wife, Bridget Law, were Irish immigrants. Much of the information on Samuel McCumber is speculation as they are from early records.

The James Pike Senior family has now been added (Aug 2012)

I plan to add a family at a time. So it may be awhile before this entire site is online.

The site now contains a search feature. This will find persons who are listed on the site. If the person is still living e.g. a living child, there will be a link to the parents.

You can also use the surname index to find a person you know. This option will not find people who are living it will only find people included on the site.

I have added map links to the person pages. If you click on the icon after a place this will take you to a Google map to show the location of that place. However, in some cases the link may not work e.g. a place that no longer exists. If you find any links that do not work, I would appreciate it if you would contact me and advise me. Then I can manually create the link to correct the problem.

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There is much more information on many of the people. Please contact me for further information.

I would appreciate any corrections/additions on any of the people shown.