Mary (Vandekerckhove) and Camiel (Frisco) VanLerberg c 1915

In 2001 there was a VanLerberg Family Reunion held. Click on the reunion tab to view the photos

Much to my surprise the Belgium research has flourished. But this would not be possible without the help I've received from various people. So, I wish first to thank Delbert Nicolas who introduced me to Mike Christiaens.

Next, I wish to thank Mike Christiaens. Without his help I wouldn't have attempted to started researching Flemish records. The records are in Latin, French and Flemish, all of which I knew VERY little. With his help I was able to muddle through my first records and gain the confidence to start doing more serious research. He also introduced me to Inez Demarrez and Jim Clark.

Lastly, I wish to thank both Inez Demarrez and Jim Clark. Both have been invaluable in extending our family roots into the 1600s in Belgium. In addition, I have recently found that Inez is related distantly through the Maes and Demarrez families! I've added Inez's family to the files and everyone can see how she is related to us by checking her name on the Maes and Demare charts.

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