I've included two ancestor charts. The first includes all Patt's ancestor's on one page. Even though it is compressed it may be hard to follow.
The second chart is a paged version showing 4 generations on a page. Click on the end of the line arrow to go to the next page.

Because, I've been able to add so many Belgium ancestors the "Ancestors of Willie VanLerberg" became too big. I've replaced it with 2 charts for his parents, the "Ancestors of Frisco VanLerberg" and the "Ancestors of Marie Elodie Vandekerckhove" These charts are in the format most people are familiar with. This chart also links to the people on the site, just click on the box. This chart give a nice view of our ancestry.

If you are a descendant in a descendant chart you can use Control-F to find yourself on the chart. The names are first name, middle initial (followed by a period), last name.

I've now included the person's lifespan in the charts. I thought it would give a better idea of the time period. However, if you hover your mouse over a person who is included in the site (underlined) you can see their complete birth, death and marriage dates. Unfortunately, this didn't work for Constantinius VanLerberghe his name takes both lines, but you can still hover over his name for the dates. In addition, please be aware that for some of the very early generations the only information I have is their name.
There is a legend defining the meaning of the various colors on the charts on the top and bottom right of the chart page.