Pearl (Beavers) Menoch Joseph Menoche Ermine (Charbonneau) Menoche Leona Menoche Jo (Turski) Menoche George Menoche Florence (Dion) Menoche Bill Menoche Josephine (Menoche) Callahan Lawrence "Cal" Callahan Marie Menoche Joe Menoche Evelyn Menoche Raymond Menoche

The Joseph Elie Menoche Family Dec 25, 1936

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Antoine Menoche immigrated from Canada to the United States about 1856. From our research we have determined that Menoche was a dit name for Cotnoir in Canada. Antoine apparently was born Antoine Cotnoir as indicated by his baptismal record. After his immigration he was a mill worker in Rhode Island and was called Anthony Miner. We speculate that the Americans had trouble pronouncing the French sounding Menoche. Upon moving to Massachusetts the name was changed to Menoche. Antoine is descended from François Cottenoir who was living in France in the early to mid 1600s. Please go to the Coat of Arms for more information.

The Menoche family has been traced back to Charlemagne through Gervais Le Marchand sieur de La Bellonière. The lengthy lineage is not included here. However, you may contact us directly for the details.

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