I've included four types of ancestor charts. They all portray the same information in different ways. Because computer screens are of varying sizes one chart may be easier for you to understand than another.

The first (wide) includes all Jack's ancestor's in traditional chart style. Because there are so many this requires a lot of scrolling.

The second (compressed) is on one page. Even though it is compressed it may be hard to follow. The compressed version allows you click arrows around the box to trace the line easier.

The third (indented) starts in a collapsed version. You can 'expand all' to see the whole chart or you can click on the +/- to expand/collapse portions of the chart.

The last chart is a paged version showing 5 generations on a page. Click on the end of the line arrow to go to the next page.

If you are a descendant in a descandant chart you can use Control-F to find yourself on the chart. The names are first name, middle initial (followed by a period), last name.


There is a legend defining the various colors on the charts in the top right and bottom right of the chart page.