Information about the site

The index and narratives pages have various icons. To find their meaning click on the icon page in the menu bar.

If there is more than one birth, death or marriage, the one with the asterisk is the one I believe to be the most accurate.

When you see a person whose parent(s) show Father-can or Mother-can; these parents are candidates and not proven.

In the surname index the number after the name is the number of people on the website with that surname.

When you see a list of children and there is a + after the child's name, this means they also have children shown on the site. Please note that this does not mean the individual didn't have children. In many cases where I am not tracing a family any further, I do not add any children. However, if available I will indicate how many children and the source where you can find them

I would like to appologize to any Canadians who read the site. I hate to abbreviate anything as I have misinterpreted abbreviations and like to be clear in what I show. I know that the provinces of Canada are correctly shown as Province of Quebec, etc. However, I really don't want to abbreviate and show POQ. So, I've compromised and show Quebec Province and Ontario Province.

If you have any questions, comments, additions, corrections, etc. just click on my name at the bottom of the page to send me an email.