The index and narratives pages have various icons to indicate the following

Photo -- Click on icon to view a photo

Photo -- This shows on an index page to indicate there is a photo on that person's page

Direct Ancestor -- Direct Ancestors of Jack or Patt. (Hover your mouse over the icon and it will tell you whether the person is Jack or Patt's ancestor)

Sibling -- Sibling of Direct Ancestor

Spouse -- Married to Sibling or Other spouse of Direct Ancestor. (Hover your mouse over the icon and it will tell you which)

Military Service -- A flag indicates the person was in the military. (Hover your mouse over the icon to see what war, etc). Note that military information has not been added to the individual's information. I hope to do this at some future date.

Notable -- Notable Ancestor, see the Notable Ancestor tab

Fille à Marier -- Fille à Marier (see Notable History tab)

King's Daughter -- King's Daughter (see Notable History tab)